2015 – Florence food, fun & shopping

Fellow travelers,

Well, today is our last day in Florence. Hard to believe we’ve been gone almost a month.

Our day started out a little late – we said goodbye to our landlady who was taking off on a vacation of her own. She was very nice and we enjoyed our time with her while in Florence. Her apartment is fabulous – 2 bedroom, 2 bath, large living room and kitchen. Almost unheard of for a young person like Claudia.

We stopped into a local bakery for a quick coffee and pastry before heading out to the day’s adventures. Interesting observation throughout our trip, everyone brings their dogs with them – into the stores, into the restaurants, and no one thinks a thing about it. The health department in the US would have fits I’m sure.

We started at the Cappelle Medicee – the Medici chapel located on the side of San Lorenzo church (thanks for the recommendation Antimo). Cosmo the First had some insight in 1604 to build this as a mausoleum of sorts for their family, as well as their private chapel. There are groups of statues carved by Michelangelo in the early 1500’s displayed here. The chapel was very ornate and they had a great bone collection – pieces of bones of famous Florence Dukes and such are displayed behind glass. I personally don’t get why people find this interesting but Dick commented it was every man’s dream to have his bone displayed in a museum. Most of you should understand his odd sense of humor by now.

While we were looking at the map for our next adventure, I had a Marilyn Monroe moment outside San Lorenzo church. A gust of wind came up and my dress flew up like Marilyn’s dress in the movie when she stands over the air vent. It surprised us both and the old men in the restaurant across the street too! Dick thinks they have a switch on the other side of the street and flip it every once in a while. If that was true, you’d think they would save that for a younger, prettier woman, or maybe they don’t see so well.

We were meeting a friend and former business colleague at 1:00 in the Piazza della Signoria by Big Dave as Dick now calls him (aka the statue of David outside the Uffici). It was such a chance meeting as we were both on Facebook and she was mentioning where she was and I told her – heh I’m here now too – and we hooked up. What are the chances! We had a nice lunch and caught up on our lives — business and personal. Just realized, we forgot to get a picture together. Darn! I sent her to Maria’s pottery store – hope she finds it! BTW, if I haven’t mentioned it, Florence has free WiFi citywide – although it works best at or near the major attractions.

So the inevitable was about to happen. I was loose in Florence and felt there was some shopping left to do. Dick said I had about 3 inches of space in my suitcase – it would be a shame to go home with a less than full suitcase. Found a leather purse calling my name and then the ultimate – the Ponte Vecchio. A few years ago I bought a Florentine ring which I love and wear often as a wedding ring when traveling. Today I found a ring that looks like two leaves intertwined. Very unique. The matching bracelet was 1,250 euros. Yeah like that was even a consideration… ha ha.

Tonight Dick is having his Florentine beefsteak. I’m not ordering dinner because I know he will need help eating this. Oh so good~

I was going for a Sophia Loren look – oh well – wind blowing my hair – maybe it was the tennis shoes that threw off the look?? LOL

Palazzo Vecchio – this bell tower once summoned citizens to public meetings at this square. The copy of
David is right below the entrance  to the Palazzo Vecchio (middle statue of the three shown here). The original David stood in the piazza until from 1504 until 1873.

Dome in the Medici Chapel. Unbelievable artwork. Hard to give you the perspective of how tall this was – just amazing. Dick was guessing it is about 150 feet high.

A few statues in another area of this building. The fine detail to lifelike features was dramatic when seeing these up close and in person.

Gelato anyone? I know I keep sending food pictures but we just don’t see this type of thing in the United States.

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