2015 – Italy, Manduria – The Modern

There was so much to share about this day we had to add another post.

In the afternoon we ventured out to Giuseppe Greco’s property. He is an artist, entrepreneur, and so much more. We were greeted with chilled prosecco when we arrived and beautiful piano music by Narmada and Ludovico Enaudi. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Giuseppe has quite a bit of acreage and animals like donkeys, chickens, geese, faraone (which are weird looking, cross between a hen and peacock) and 3 dogs – and they all have names. As Giuseppe was showing us the property all the animals followed us around. It was a bit like a Doctor Doolittle moment for Dick.

To share a bit of this artistic adventure, Giuseppe shared with us some of his original artwork. For the Jubilee, Pope John Paul II commissioned him to create a birds eye view of Rome (see picture below) and this was done only once every 100 years. And later another Pope asked him to create a similar piece of art for the Vatican. This is very, very rare. This type of art is beyond my comprehension. These were created by incision on copper – the technique is called aqua forte. It is the ancient way that maps were made. Giuseppe’s house was entirely designed by him. He wanted it to blend into the countryside and be ecological so many features are created for rain run off, and that type of thing. Engineer Dick is looking at the ceilings, floors, drawers, and how the house was constructed while I’m looking at how practical yet very modern it was.

One side of the house was all glass looking out into the fabulous view of the countryside and ocean. When you entered there was one big room that was comprised of a kitchen, living room and art studio. The next room was the bathroom and beyond that was a bedroom. Very simple yet grand at the same time. Who knew modern architecture could be so interesting.


We had cut up a cucumber (tasted like a cross between a honey dew melon and cucumber) we purchased at the market to eat with our wine while we were enjoying the view and the property. Before we knew it the chef showed up to cook our lunch. She has a slow food farm to table restaurant called Mimmi’s just down the road. She likes to cook everything she can in a wood oven or on a wood fire. What a difference in flavors.

After lunch she invited us to her property to see her garden where she grows the food and have a drink with her and her husband. You could not create an expectation for this experience.

When we were leaving this area, Antimo pointed out a tower by the beach. In the olden days people manned these towers and sent signals to other towers if there was a suspected invasion. The message could be relayed in just 2 hours from the very south of Italy up to Venice. This was all done with mirrors and fires. (Dick calls it a smoke and mirrors trick). Our last evening in Manduria.

It is a bit sad to leave this area – such beauty and creative people. Off to Tuscany in the morning. View from our lunch table out through the trees is beautiful countryside and the

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