2015 – Italy – Tuscany Adventure

Greetings from the Tuscany area. Today was a travel day. Up early and on the train to San Gimignano by 7:00 am. I have to stop for a minute though and tell you this trip that we asked for and Antimo/Voomago planned for us is more than we could have ever conceived. From the pick-up at the train station, to driving us around the countryside, to planning the experiences that just “happen” in addition to planned cooking classes, etc. – it is all fabulous. Yes Dick will have to push me on a plane kicking and screaming when this is over.

We had many hours on the train going from the south of Italy – Pulgia region – to the northern parts of Italy – Tuscany area. On our train ride we saw the countryside change dramatically. We followed along the coast a good part of the way and even the beaches changed from white sands to large rocks along the waterfront. The dirt changes from dark red clay to a whiter/browner ground. And then we napped some of the way as you might do on a long train ride.

Antimo accompanied us on this journey and brought homemade snacks and lunch from his mother – of course! It was heating up temperature wise and when we arrived in Florence with the humidity I just started to melt – even Dick was sweating! Getting from the train station to the airport to rent our car took awhile. The traffic in Florence was awful. Our driver (Antimo’s cousin’s husband – yes he has connections in Florence too!) was so patient trying to get around the hundreds of cars and construction. These days only Florence residents can drive in the city because of the terrible congestion. Thank goodness Antimo had another cousin!

We picked up our Fiat and headed for our Agritourism adventure in San Gimignano. Google was not cooperating and my hand printed directions were not too accurate so we had to turn around a couple of times. Have I told you how Antimo is really expert at not only driving forward, but backwards at high speed and U-turns on the auto strada?

We arrived at our destination around sunset and the sky was lit up with the beauty of the countryside, combined with a few clouds mixed with reddish hues. My phone was out of battery so could not capture the breathtaking site – maybe tomorrow. We have a nice suite here with a separate living room and comfortable bedroom.

Dinner was served at 8:00 so had just enough time to settle in, shower, and walk out to the terrace for dinner. It is a  pre-set menu here but no one was complaining. Wine was included so that pleased everyone. A picture of the menu is below. And yes, they served every single one of these things and they were all very good!

We were so tired though we didn’t stay for espresso and limoncello – I know hard to believe. It was a long traveling day and I could feel the ground moving – it wasn’t – but I’m hyper sensitive to this type of thing. When we’ve taken cruises before, every time I get on shore the ground continues to move like I am on the boat, so how do you explain to someone you are seasick on land? Right, so we don’t cruise.



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