2017 – Puglia Region – A Day At The Sea & Baking With Anna

A day at the sea – Porto Cesareo

Antimo showed up at our house this morning with breakfast for a king, well maybe for a prince. Ricardo only thinks he’s king – ha ha. The cornettos were as large as the plate and so fresh. Fruit, yogurt, a special breakfast biscotti – I love it! Where other than Italy can you get away with eating cookies for breakfast?

A few loads of laundry needed to be done and then we were off to the sea. 

Antimo brought everything we needed so we plopped ourselves in the sand in front of the beautiful rolling waves and relaxed the day away. A walk down the beach, a dip in the ocean, and catching a few rays of sun filled our morning.

So about noon we started thinking about what to do for lunch. You know how it is, one meal leads to another. Antimo had several suggestions and one was to ask his friend who owned a resort on the beach literally right behind where we were located, if we could have lunch on his terrace.

We walked up a hill of sand and we were at Aquarium. On the terrace, there was a peaceful setting of couches and chairs overlooking the sea. We parked ourselves and just enjoyed the beauty of the day, while lunch was ordered, and delivered to the premises. Now, this is living! I hope Ricardo doesn’t expect this kind of treatment when we return home. 
Lunch consisted of chicken cacciatore, salad, and stuffed eggplant served with Primitivo wine of course! There were very few morsels left on anyone’s plate.

Antimo trying to decide which pair of sunglasses to buy from a beach vendor. I ended up with an ankle bracelet from a Pakistani who had to make a sale because he was leaving today to go back to Pakistan (yeah like I believed that story). 

In the early evening, we traveled to Antimo’s country property.Baking biscotti with Anna

The dough was so golden in color. Not sure why, except maybe the added egg yolks. We left Antimo’s dad in charge of watching the biscotti in the oven. The first batch turned out a little scorched because guess who wasn’t carefully watching the cookies?Anna took charge to make sure the next batch came out in time. However, it was determined that the oven was really too hot and not so much the fault of Vincenzo for the first batch of scorched cookies. It was interesting cooking biscotti in an outside oven. We actually started dinner with dessert, eating the freshly baked biscotti! And they were delicious!

Even Antimo needs to take a break and relax!

Anna makes the best frisa (kind of like a dried bagel that you rehydrate in water and add anything you want on top). I drizzled olive oil, smashed tomatoes, eggplant, rape, capers, and mozzarella. A delightful way to end a fantastic day.

Of course, a very special wine accompanied this dinner – VoomaGo Primitivo. 

Our entertainment this evening was a stray cat and her kittens. After feeding, this kitten climbed on top of the mom to watch for the shy kitten hiding outside the gate. It eventually came in to join the family. 

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