2017 – Venice Day 3 – Burano & Palazzo Ducale

Today’s adventure starts with a trip to the island of Burano. The sun is out and our water taxi was ready to drive us to this colorful island. As I mentioned in a prior post, this island is one of the top 10 most colorful cities in the world and is known for its art, lace, and blown glass. 

Loved the quaintness of the bicycle up against the house and in front of the window box. Could the residents of this home have set up a better photo op? What you don’t see is a bag of trash that the residents leave out in the middle of the street for the trash pick up guys who come around in a wheelbarrow type push cart to pick them up. 
One of the many canals around the city. Clouds coming in in the background.This street was actually across from a small grassy area with trees. People are meticulous about sweeping the front of their houses to keep them clean.

You may be noticing that in front of the doors of these houses are little curtains. They act like a privacy drape. When it is hot, the resident may leave their doors open for fresh air and then pull the drapes across the doorway for privacy. I love the way they try to match the color of the house with the curtains on some houses. 

This house went all out and matched their flowers!

Can you imagine what the CC&R’s in Tukwila would do with all the colors of these houses?

You really have to stop and think about how life works on Venice and the surrounding islands. Everything has to be shipped in on boats and barges. There is no land for gardens – heck, there is no land for cars! Here is a vegetable barge bringing fresh produce to locals. Ricardo spotted a barge this morning loaded with cases of liquor and several kegs of beer. He said to our water taxi driver “Follow that barge!” Luckily the taxi driver did not understand what he meant.

How much is that basil in the window? I do hope that basil is for sale. (Anyone remember the song “How much is that doggy in the window?”) Antimo is perfect set against the contrast of the red building and green shutters and basil. No doggy here!

We stopped in several glass and lace shops along our stroll through Burano. This lady is making a lace collar. Such a master at her work. Most shops would not let you take pictures of their merchandise or touch it so I asked for special permission to photograph this craftswoman.

Okay game day ladies and gents (you know who you are who meet every Thursday afternoon), here is how Italians do hand and foot! For those of you who don’t know, hand and foot is a card game. By the way, I need an update on who is winning the games since we left, the gals or guys?

Actually, this bronze is part of the city-wide art exhibition I’ve been featuring and talking about while in Venice. Stunning craftsmanship. This art was found across one of the canals in a community space where people had gardens and a vineyard!

It was nice of the art association to provide tiles next to the artwork. Antimo took advantage of the flat surface to exercise. I think he matches the art pretty well, don’t you?

A storm blew in across the sea and we grabbed the water bus and headed for the hotel. The rain just battered the streets and the wind blew in what seemed like every direction. 

A “Lucy” moment: The rain was blowing so hard my umbrella blew inside out. I started laughing, turned myself around to get the umbrella turned right-side out when the wind blew it inside out again, and this went on for several minutes – around and around I went – umbrella inside out then right-side out, all the while the rain was just drenching me. I’m laughing so hard I could hardly move, and then Ricardo and Antimo finally yelled at me to just start walking so we could get out of the rain. I don’t know why I found this so funny – I’m still laughing. I guess you had to be there. 

The sun came back out at 4:00ish in the afternoon and we were out adventuring again. Antimo led us through the maze of Venice streets (Ricardo asked if there was cheese at the end) to San Marco square where we toured the Palazzo Ducale. What a place! It boggles my mind at the massive amount of money that must have passed hands to decorate the walls and ceilings alone. There was also an exhibit of jewels inside the palace. The opulence, the riches, and then the dichotomy of the prison and armory all housed in one place. More than my brain could take in. 

Part of the Palace courtyard.

Walls and ceilings throughout were massive and ornately decorated. 

Antimo down in the prison chambers goofing around – or is he?

We lift a glass of wine to our last night in Venice.
My dinner – grilled vegetables. Antimo had beefsteak and Ricardo had spaghetti. We all had wine!

Dessert of ricotta chocolate something…. like cheesecake was shared and consumed quickly.

Our last night in Venice. Arrivederci!

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  1. Chris, I love all your colorful posts but since Venice is my fav and Burano steals my heart 100%, I have especially enjoyed these past days. Continue having fun!

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