2017 – Verona – The Modern & The Ancient

The last of the “V” cities that we are visiting – that I know of. Started in Volterra, moved to Venice, and now we are in Verona. Humm, who planned this trip anyways? 

A smooth morning of travel. After breakfast, we packed up and headed by Vaporetto (water bus) to the train station. I know Portland has a good train system downtown with the Max, and San Francisco has Bart, but they don’t compare to how easy it is in Europe to gad about the country by train.

The apartment Antimo booked for us is FABULOUS! It’s 2 bedrooms and 2 baths and feels very spacious. This is quite rare in any main city. We even have a washing machine!  I feel like I’ve stepped into a modern/minimalistic (with a touch of art deco) scene. Check this place out!

Entrance lights up when you enter the apartment. We need this at home!

Living room with a fireplace and really cool lamps, wall treatment, drapes, and shades.

The kitchen is fully stocked. I’m not sure what the two lights on the floor are used for – guess we’ll find out later. Plus there are bottles of wine we can purchase from the owner, least we go four hours without drinking. (Just in case you are wondering, the wine we bought at Monterosola is still packed – the bottle we promised the owner we would save for six months). Stay tuned.Light fixtures above the dining table. They look like paper but are made of some kind of crape material. I was going to say crapy material but then I wrote the word out and it looks like crappy which they are not!

We dropped our suitcases and headed for lunch. Antimo had the most delicious potato gnocchi with a creme sauce. I’m a die-hard ricotta gnocchi person, but I must say, I’m being won over by the tasty potato gnocchi we are eating here. Ricardo had his usual, a margarita pizza, and I had a salad with chicken, almonds, pears, and pecorino cheese slices. 

After lunch, we headed for the city center. The main entrance to Verona greets you with two large arches. And then, OMG – the open space of the streets. After being in small spaces and no cars in Venice, this area was huge.

Verona, has a Roman amphitheater, the Arena, (the third largest arena/colosseum in Italy after Rome’s Colosseum.  The ancient Colosseum is right in front of you as you enter the city center area and it is amazing. It’s been here since the 3rd century B.C. Hard to believe.

There is a concert going on in this amphitheater for the next few nights and they were rehearsing so we could not see the inside. Antimo says when a concert is going on you can hear it throughout the city center. That’s why artists choose this venue, because of the acoustics.  

While Antimo and I did laundry, Ricardo slept. His cold/cough isn’t getting better.

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday we were walking around town looking for a perfect sunset. Tonight we were walking around town looking for a farmacia (drug store where we could buy something to knock this cold out).

8 thoughts on “2017 – Verona – The Modern & The Ancient”

  1. Hi Chris and Dick, We are so enjoying your blog and wonderful photos! We are sorry that Dick has a cold, and hope you find some meds that help. By the way, it's all tied up (men won once, women won once playing Honest John). Miss you--continue to enjoy your wonderfully planned trip! Monte and Jo
    1. Glad you and Monte are enjoying the blog. Thanks for the update on cards Jo. We have a tour of the town this morning so hope he is up for it and will find an open farmacia today.
  2. Karin is asking for a 20 to 25 year old bottle of balsamic vinegar called ??? Acetaia Leonardi 1871 Condiment Riserva Rvere Balsamico Oak, condiment reserve Does any of that make sense??? It is thick and sweet. If you can't find this brand, she can't read Italian anyway, so just bring whatever you think is quality. She knows it's expensive If you have no room to pack it, we understand. Just a request is all it is. She's in a cooking mode as we sit here at the kitchen counter, drinking and talking slick, and she is knee deep in reading Croatian cooking books. BTW, hands down, BEST pizza I ever had was in the square at Verona. I love that sweet city too.
    1. We will be visiting a balsamic vinegar farm when we get to Modena (home of balsamic vinegar). It sounds like she is looking for "soba" which is almost like molasses in thickness and sweetness. I'll check with Antimo if he knows where we can find the brand you mention, otherwise I know she will like the brand of the balsamic farm - we have been there before and it is superb.
  3. Oh, I'm having such a good time sharing your vacation with you! Hoping that Dick gets feeling better real soon so he can continue to enjoy all the yummy food and wonderful places to visit. Enjoy your time and bring back lots of good memories!!! Kris :)
    1. Thanks Kris! Glad you are enjoying the blog. It is a lot of fun to write and will help us remember all these great times once we get home. We hit the farmacia today and Dick is feeling better. Yay!

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