2017 – Verona – Lake Garda

A day trip to Lago di Garda to visit the towns of Sirmione and Desenzano del Garda. The lake area is only about a half hour from our apartment. Lake Garda is a very unusual shaped lake and is the largest in Italy. We had time today to visit a few of the towns around the lake. 

The first city we stopped at was Sirmione. We parked the car and walked, and walked, and walked, to get to the castle. Did I mention we walked? (My Fitbit vibrated at 10,000 steps before noon.) 

On the way to the castle, we did find a few interesting things. A really cool car that Ricardo and Antimo were drawn to immediately. This car was like a man magnet. What you don’t see is several other men saw the car and joined these two looky-loos. Mike and Barry, you would have been among them for sure. 

We also saw several pine nut trees with pine nuts on them. I cracked this one open with my fingernail. Antimo was surprised I could do that because he says the shells are hard to crack. Well, never let the obstacle of food come between me and a hard shell. It tasted just like a pine nut too!

When we reached the castle the game plan was to walk up to the top of the tower. Somehow my brain and feet rebelled and said, “Hell no!” but what came out was “No grazie!” So we walked around the castle, took pictures, and enjoyed the sea, the ducks, the people, and the shops. 

A little zen rock stack someone left for all to admire. Next, we were off to Desenzano del Garda a few miles down the road. We all immediately fell in love with this little town. It was quaint, had fewer tourists and was just pleasant to walk around – so picturesque. It also had a castle or really a Rocca.  The difference is that a Rocca is more of a fort or fortress. No tiara’s here, more appropriate headgear would be an army helmet.

First order of business when we arrived was to find a place to have lunch. Ricardo’s pizza arrived first. He mixed it up by ordering a Puligse pizza which is a margarita pizza with red onions. That was a bold choice for him.  This was my lunch “trota salmonata ai ferri” aka grilled lake trout – but doesn’t it sound so much more sensual in Italian? It was soooooo good!

Cute little marina in this town. We stopped into a shop and went on a mini shopping spree. I bought a light jacket because we’ve been in and out of cold and rain. Now that I have something warm to wear the weather will be hot and humid the rest of the trip – I just know it. 

I imagine these ducks saying, “Whose turn is it to drive the boat today? I don’t know, but one of us has to wake Guiseppe and get him off the engine or we won’t be going anywhere.”

Heh, I found “Two gentlemen from Verona” visiting Lake Garda. Cute, don’t you think?

For my horse-loving friends, this wooden piece of art was found in a shop right above the restaurant where we ate lunch. I say “above” because we were on a slanted street – fairly steeply slanted – and no, it wasn’t the wine we drank at lunch that slanted the street. Well, at least I don’t think it was.  Two swans came in off the lake for a bite of lunch – literally! 

See the guy behind Ricardo’s head looking up – he doesn’t have a clue what he is pointing to.Do you think these guys will get lucky?

Bye Bye Lake Garda!

Early evening for Ricardo and I. It started raining and we think the art performances in city center will be canceled because they are all performed outside. So we opted to stay in. Buona notte. 

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