A Thousand Little Pieces – Villa Romana del Casale

Visit at Villa Romana del Casale, Piazza Armerina, and Aci Castello 

Villa Romana del Casale. When it comes to mosaics, I think about all the broken tiny chips of glass that make up a piece of mosaic art. At Villa Romana del Casale it is overwhelming to imagine how they created this villa so many years ago. The Roman structure is from the late imperial era, with more than 3,000 square meters of mosaics. I can’t begin to describe it or show you photos that will do it justice.

We visited this Villa in 2013.  Continued restoration and preservation have taken place for almost a decade since we saw it last. It was good to see it again and compare. If you are interested in more information about this please visit their website: https://www.villaromanadelcasale.it/The website even has virtual tours so you get a picture overview of the property. 

So I was thinking, how many dishes do I have to break to start creating my own mosaic art? Hubby is not too thrilled with the idea of his dinner dishes becoming some form of art and is encouraging me to stick to cooking and gardening. 

After this spectacular visit, we checked out a few gift carts on the way to the parking lot. Of course, we found a few treasures to bring back. I found a cookbook of Sicilian dishes – duh!

Lunch was next on the agenda. A restaurant just around the corner from the Villa must capture all its visitors as busload after busload appeared in the parking lot. Luckily we had arranged our lunch prior to the hoards of people arriving. A simple pasta dish with boar from the region was the main course for hubby and me. 

Piazza Armerina. We took a walk around this hilltop town in search of great views and gelato of course! Found both! No photos of gelato as it was consumed before I could get my phone out. 

Aci Castello After a brief rest, we ventured out for an evening stroll and dinner. The castle in the town is shaped like a ship. We were thinking it was to safeguard the town from visitors from the sea. It must have been quite a feat to build this ship from the rock at the seashore. The evening sunset was spectacular and dinner was okay too!

And to all a goodnight.

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