Aloha, Hawaii

This trip to Hawaii we just touched the surface of all that Islands have to offer and that prompts us to make plans to return. There are more beaches, food, and drinks we haven’t explored or tried!

A few more highlights from this trip (check out Part One and Part Two for more trip photos and details):

Beautiful palm trees

This palm frond was so big it would make a great screen.

One night we were disappointed with the restaurant we had chosen (and they were rude!), so we left and found this band playing poolside at another resort. The bar was open and food was available, so a bonus for us! Check out the fish tacos below that I ordered for dinner. Yummy!

The lush vegetation around our condo resort was unusual and colorful. We enjoyed the contrast and varied plants.

Geckos were hugging many plants around the area. They almost didn’t look real. 

Fern frond took center stage in this photo. 

And believe it or not, this rainbow (photo taken from outside our Maui condo) topped off the trip. We were making our plans to leave when this rainbow showed up. We have never seen a rainbow like it before. I hope the lady on the kayak (in the photo) saw it too. I could almost hear the Hawaiian singer Israel Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole (aka Iz) singing his famous song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow“.

Our virgin trip to Hawaii was wonderful! A good time was had by all. Thank you MaryLou and Mike for encouraging us to join you. 

Aloha Hawaii!


[Some photos courtesy of Mike H. using Nikon camera or iPhone11]

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