And Today We Cook!

The weather in Bologna has been fantastic – 75ish each day. The humidity has been high but bearable. After a light breakfast, we visited the market. It’s surreal to see the many hunks of prosciutto hanging from the ceiling. The cheeses… the pastas! I wanted to buy them all! A feast for the eyes.

The cooking school was our intended designation today to learn how to make some Bolognese delicacies and then cook our lunch. 

Lucca actually started demonstrating how to make the dessert first because it needed to rest in the fridge while we assembled the rest of the lunch. The menu:

Mortadella and cheese (snacks)
Pasta with passata and sausage
Lasagna with bechamel sauce, radicchio, sausage, and cheese
Saltimbocca with prosciutto and sage
Panna cotta

And here’s us hard at work:

Each course was accompanied by wine. Well, we started drinking wine while we were working in the kitchen so I don’t remember what wines we drank. I was enjoying the preparations of lunch, and drinking wine and just didn’t pay attention – it happens. I do know that one was white and fizzy, one was white like chardonnay and the other was red. 🙂 They all tasted good!

The lunch and wine consumed, it was time for a rest (I’m liking this afternoon rest almost every day). Still hunting for Italian-made linens we ventured out in the afternoon when the shops re-opened. A bit of walking worked up our thirst, so we stopped for drinks. It’s crazy here, they serve snacks when you order drinks, anything from chips to a full plate of sandwiches and pizzas. 

Still full from lunch and snacks we finished our wine and walked back to the hotel for an early night.

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