Anti-Inflammatory Sweet Potato and Chickpea Fritters

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I have a friend who has been plagued with inflammatory issues most of her life. She had just embarked on an anti-inflammatory diet shortly before I invited her over for drinks and snacks. So trying to be a good host I looked up foods that are considered anti-inflammatory so I could make a snack or two that my friend could eat. 

Here’s some information about anti-inflammatory foods from Harvard Health. And below is a partial list of foods I found that claim to be anti-inflammatory. You can access the full list at Rosemary Ferguson

These anti-inflammatory foods are quite common and most that I incorporate into my recipes and meals already.

I find it interesting that this list labels beans as “pulses.” More info on pulses in a newsletter I sent a few months ago. Newsletter.

Once I found chickpeas and sweet potatoes on the list I was good to go towards creating a nice snack for my friend. 

Sautéing sweet potato with onions, garlic, and peppers. 

Fritters cooking away.

Browned and ready to eat!

I served the fritters with an avocado sauce that can be found in Salmon Rolls

The recipe was a hit! I made these fritters small for snacking, but you could make them bigger to eat like a burger. Super vegetarian meal or serve as appetizers, a side dish to meat, fish, or chicken, or as a snack. I found the fritters paired nicely with salmon. 

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  1. Deborah Jan Harrington
    These are so good and good for you. I served them with a chipotle mayo dip and later made burgers with the works. A new regular in my lineup.

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