Apples, Asparagus, & Pork Panning Together

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In many parts of the country this time of year the weather may be too cold to stand outside and BBQ.  Here’s an alternative way to cook this luscious meal – throw it in a sheet pan and cook it in the oven. Couldn’t be more simple than that! A real pan-delight to cook.

There’s nothing unique about this recipe. It is just a pairing of somewhat unique ingredients together and letting them “do their thing.” The chutney infuses sweetness and some slight savory complements to the fruit, vegetable, and meat it cooks with. Oh yeah!

You don’t have to save this meal for a special occasion, or dinner guests. It is so easy to make you can treat yourself to this pork tenderloin dinner without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. And if there’s only two of you, leftovers can easily be turned into pulled pork sandwiches. 

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Scatter apples and asparagus around pork loin in the baking sheet. 

All ingredients dotted with chutney mixture and cooking away. 

For a festive presentation, plate apple and asparagus in a ring on the serving dish.

Let roast sit for  10 minutes to let it finish cooking inside. When temp reaches 145 degrees F, slice pork tenderloin in about 1″ pieces.

Add sliced pork to the apple and asparagus. Ready to eat!




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