Babica Who? Hen? Is This An Egg & Chicken Thing?

Painters left last week.  Yay! They did a fabulous job of taking wallpaper off three bathrooms and the kitchen. What a complicated and tedious job – thank heavens Cherry City Painters was up to the task. So now the work starts for hubby and me. Time to clean up and put everything back. 

Before we start cleaning, we needed a good breakfast – so we went out. 

We were introduced to this restaurant by our good friend Mike H. He knows great places to eat in the Portland area. 

Babica Hen – odd name for a restaurant. What Joe Buck says about his restaurant, “In my grandmother’s kitchen sat a hen. Not a real hen of course, not even a hen with legs or little feet. But this hen had a heart, a heart reflective of the love and care that touched all culinary pursuits originating in that kitchen. The hen relentlessly eyed that kitchen as only an inanimate hen can, with all its smells, the conversations, the people, the food. Now the babica hen lends its vigilance to our kitchens that serve you, our guests, fresh, from-scratch food sourcing the bounty of the northwest and prepared with care and, of course, with heart.”

Visiting this restaurant on a weekday was great – the only time we haven’t had to wait in line. On the weekends the waiting lines are out the door. 

After perusing the menu we decided on our breakfast choices. Hubby picked corned beef hash and eggs. (He’s such a traditionalist.) Me? I chose Shredded Chicken Tostada. Oh yum! It was cooked to perfection and actually served as two meals for me (I ate the other half later in the day).

Doesn’t it look great?

After a hardy breakfast and a cup of cappuccino we were ready to get home and tackle clean up. Well in truth, hubby did have to drag me out of the restaurant kicking and screaming because I knew what a mess we had to go home to. And I did want to bring home one of their sticky buns for a mid-day snack. 

The baked goods looked melt-in-your-mouth delicious. I didn’t get to try any of them, a good excuse to return soon!

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