Beef Up Your Next Meal With This Beef Stew

To play on words, I was in a “stew” over several issues recently that concerned the new cookbook and figured out I needed to “beef” up my efforts to get these issues resolved. Well, of course, beef stew came to mind as the perfect meal to make for dinner. And there I go again, relating everyday life to food. (I sure wish I knew if others think the way I do and relate to food this way.) Anyone?

So where was I? Oh yes, beef stew. This recipe came to the rescue for more than one issue. Our freezer is full of the summer’s bounty from our garden and hubby told me nothing else can go into it, without something coming out. You see, he is a retired engineer and his job is to maintain the freezer space. Of course, he created a spreadsheet that identifies absolutely everything from the shelf an item is located, to the date it is made or purchased. Isn’t that just like an engineer? Yet, there are times we run across a UFO dated two years ago. How does that happen?

What can I say about a beef stew that I haven’t said before? Did I tell you how easy it is to make (either in a Dutch oven or crockpot)? Did I tell you how economical this dish is, using a cheaper cut of meat and vegetables? Did I mention this is a real stick-to-the-ribs meal that satisfies even the biggest fan of “meat and potatoes?” Okay, so maybe I’m repeating myself, but you’ll be happy to know all those things are true!

Stew beef – an economical cut of meat that thrives in being cooked low and slow. 

Simple ingredients of meat and potatoes with onions, garlic, and carrots. My bad, I didn’t take pictures of the stew that included the mushrooms, green beans, and zucchini. Oops! As I said, I was definitely in a “stew” when I made this recipe.  

The sauce is sooo good in this beef stew. I used the tomatoes from our garden, but canned tomatoes are also fine. 

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