Bellagio – It’s Not Just A Casino In Las Vegas

After espresso and breakfast on the terrace, the day started with a trip to the post office. In Italy, a post office visit can take quite a while because some Italians use the post offices almost like banks. Older people, in particular, pick up their pensions, pay their bills, and of course use the usual post office services like buying stamps and mailing packages.

Today we needed to send a package and buy postage for postcards. Antimo and I went into the post office, Dick stayed in the car. Mailing the package wasn’t too much of an issue, but buying stamps – well, that’s another thing. We asked the lady for postcard stamps to be mailed out of the country (international). She looked up the US code and told us the price. Wait for it… 2.60 Euros – which equates to $2.93 per stamp – for a postcard! We were both shocked. The last time I mailed postcards from Italy the stamps were about 1.50 Euros so I wasn’t expecting the price to go up that much in just two years. 

So the comedy began. We asked for four stamps. She gets up from her chair and goes into the bowels of the post office, tick, tick, tick, goes the clock, she comes back 10 minutes later (I’m sure after she has had a break and an espresso) and has a sheet of stamps. The stamps are about 2″ X 2″. Now wait a minute, the average postcard is only 4″ X 5.8″. I have this 2″ square postage stamp that will take up approximately one-half of the card. The only thing I will be able to write it “Hi, we are in Bellagio Italy. The stamp is too big to write more. Love…”

We ask her if there are smaller stamps. She says yes. Duh! Could she please bring a smaller stamp as these stamps will be going on postcards! Okay, she says. Off she goes to who knows where in the post office once again. Antimo and I are making bets whether she will come back empty-handed. And she does! No, we don’t have any she says. Okay, then can you bring us the stamps you had brought out originally, if that is all you have, we will take those. She gives us “the look” and brings those stamps back out. Then she tells us if we bring the postcards in, she can run them through a machine and put the postages directly on the postcard. We haven’t even bought the postcards yet, and by this time, all we want to do is exit the building.

In the meantime…. Dick is in the car watching person after person enter the post office and no one is coming out.  Why? Because we are holding up the line with these silly postcard stamps. He was getting a little worried. When we finally emerged from the building he was happy we had not been arrested or something horrible had happened inside the post office. After all, this is Italy, anything unexpected can happen. 

Now we can begin our journey to Bellagio. When I mentioned to a friend we were going to Bellagio while in Italy she said, “Oh is it a real town?” Why yes, it is! It’s not just a casino in Las Vegas. This picturesque town juts out on Lake Como and is just a breathtaking area to experience.

On the way to Bellagio, we stopped several times to take pictures of the stunning countryside as we traversed up the mountain and back down towards the lake. 

We spent the day leisurely walking through the town taking in the majestic snow-capped mountain backdrop, Lake Como in front of us, with quaint shops and restaurants scattered around the town.

We stopped for lunch with the landscape of a lifetime. It really didn’t matter what we were eating because we couldn’t take our eyes off the view. 

The cardio portion of the day was walking up and down the many steps of the town as it is located on the side of a mountain, looking in a few shops to catch my breath (my excuse for checking out a few cute items I saw in the window). And I had to find postcards for the ultra expensive stamps I just purchased. Where could I find postcards the size of posters to fit these stamps?

It was getting time to pick up our friends so back to the car and off to Milan we went. More spectacular scenery along the way. Antimo met up with Rita and Patrick and now our group was complete and would return to the Villa for an evening in since a thunder and lightning storm was predicted – and did arrive shortly after we stepped in the door.

Antimo cooked up an easy dinner – perfect for a stormy night, lentil soup. I added orange/fennel salad with bread. Dessert was chocolate salami dolce. 

And wine all around. Perfect ending to a perfect day!

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