Bologna Part Due (Two) Plus Three Churches

The breakfast room at our hotel is fabulous! The variety of items available is overwhelming and suitable for almost every international traveler. They have very unique decorations around the room too. I had to add more photos of the lobby area as it is such a comfortable area to relax in.

Just outside our hotel is a piazza and this morning we were greeted by a trio playing the most beautiful music. Such a wonderful way to start the day.

During our walk around town, we visited three churches – a very large one and a very small one, both equally beautiful. (The third church we visited later in the day). Then we stopped at a pasticcere of a famous pastry chef Sebastiano Caridi. They charged one euro for a small cookie. Yikes!

We found a yarn shop with the most delightful owner. She is Italian but was visiting Oregon when Mount St. Helen’s erupted. Her yarns are beautiful. A couple of skeins are coming home with me. 

After visiting the yarn shop, hunger gripped a few of us and we stopped for lunch. I ordered fried mortadella, with shaved parmesan, tomatoes, and lettuce, topped with a thick balsamic vinegar. Dick ordered lasagna.

Time for a rest then a passeggiata (walk) around town before dinner. Jani and I found a few shops to wander into. When we returned more of our group had arrived (Debbie, John & Kyle). On our way to dinner, we visited another church (that makes three churches today – but wait!). This church is called The seven churches of Santo Stefano. Over the lifetime of this church, it was inhabited by seven different religions and built onto to accommodate these religions. 

We stopped for an aperitif and Antimo treated us to a custom-made Spritz. Refreshed we journeyed on to the osteria. Antimo’s brother Angelo joined us for dinner too. 

On the way back to the hotel we admired the porticos that were adorned with frescoes. Just stunning!

The hotel is wonderful, with art at every turn, and cute touches with frescos, alcoves, etc., but you would think they could figure out how to fix a door that won’t open. We fixed it with a belt from a robe tied to a hanger in the closet. Good old American ingenuity… and well I’m married to an engineer.

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