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What to do with a bunch of clementines that are screaming to be used. Well, that’s what they were saying to me, sitting on the counter begging, “eat me.” So I thought, why not try something different? I had run across a cake that had candied clementines on top and it looked so pretty. But wait, are they edible I asked myself? Let’s make it so!

Who knew that clementines could be candied? Sugar and water did the trick. (See recipe below for update)

What I learned while developing this recipe:


  • Don’t bake them too long in the oven – I might have “over-candied” a few. I left them in the oven more than I should have and they darkened in color more than I wanted them to. Taste is still great, visual appeal not so much, which negates their use on top of a cake. However, popping in the mouth for a sweet treat – who cares, right? 


  • I tried several methods of baking and found that just laying the sugared slices on parchment paper in a baking sheet worked fine. Some sources I found online said to layer another piece of parchment on top of the clementines and they lay another baking sheet on top of that. Well, I tried it and it didn’t make much difference and only caused me to have to cook them longer because with two baking sheets (one under and one over) it kept the clementines from “candying” (if that’s a word?). 


  • Reserve the sugar syrup from skillet after cooking the clementines to use in other recipes (a few drops on a salad lends a nice flavor), in smoothies or in plain water to enhances the taste. 


  • Candied clementines are great to eat by themselves, or drop one into a glass of water (as you would a lemon wedge), add to iced or hot tea or coffee, break up into pieces and add to salads and soups. The uses are limited only by your imagination and flavor preferences. 

Cooking in a simple syrup of sugar and water. 

Laid out and ready to go into the oven to “candy.”

Wow, these are a delightful combination of sweet with a hint of tart.


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