Chicken Parmesan With a Sicilian Twist

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Looking for a good chicken parmesan recipe with a twist? Then this version is for you! 

Recently I ordered a few snack foods from a source in Italy which included a salami from Sicily. I was so excited because the salami has pistachio in it. You just don’t see pistachio bits in salami here in the US. When my order arrived, I immediately made up a snack plate of a few items. 

After tasting the salami I said to myself, “Self, what else can I do with this salami?” I answered myself (you know where this is going, right? Definitely going to the looney bin if I don’t stop talking to myself!!), “Add the salami to a main dish to kick up the flavor a notch.” 

Now the big dilemma, what recipe should I add the salami to? My inner voice kept shouting “Chicken parmesan! Pick me, pick me!!” And before you call out the “white coats” let me give you the recipe – I think you’ll enjoy it even with just a regular salami. 

This salami is so tasty! Enjoyed the olives and taralli too!

Pound out chicken so it is even thickness. Dredge in egg and parmesan cheesed bread crumbs.

Chicken nicely coated and ready for frying.

Saute chicken in a frypan lightly lined with scant olive oil. 

Flip and cook both sides until golden. 

Add salami slices to the frypan to crisp up with the chicken.

Remove chicken from frypan and place on a foil lined rack.

Sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top of chicken and place under broiler until cheese melts. 

Serve the chicken with pasta sauce and  salami on top. (Side of pasta optional but oh so good.)

I always add a little more grated parmesan to the meal. That’s just me. Enjoy it your way!

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