Join us to learn hands-on how to make a variety of Italian style foods and drinks. These classes are all about having a good time, while learning about some Italian cooking methods, enjoying friends and new acquaintances, and sampling the scrumptious creations.

Cooking classes make great gifts for friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues year around.

Summer classes start in June!

June 22, 2019 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm…………. $30.00 

Limoncello Liqueur – Secret Recipe Revealed!

Secrets of this tasty liquor will be revealed and shared with you. This is a one of a kind experience that goes above and beyond what one would expect. While we will be making limoncello in Oregon, you will feel like you are in Capri or on the Amalfi Coast. 

Class Description: Learn the secrets behind the Italian family process of making limoncello. It’s a hands-on class where you will peel, mix, and make the famous lemon liqueur. Once you learn this simple method in class, you can prepare it yourself at home again and again.

What To Expect: This recipe is all about the ingredients. An ingredient list will be provided before the first class along with utensils needed. Just a side note: camaraderie among students while preparing this liqueur is the most fun and engaging. Treats using limoncello along with snacks prepared with limoncello will be provided in class.

    • This is a two-step process. While students are preparing the lemons, there will be a demonstration on completing the process of making the liqueur. 
    • Classes are limited to 8 students.
    • You may be standing in class to cook, observe, or assist some of the class.
    • There will be generous taste testing. Food items made with limoncello will be served.
    • Recipe packet provided.

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July 20, 2019  11:00 am to 1:00 pm………. $30.00

Ricotta Cheese Making – A Rather Cheesy Event

Italian ricotta is a simple cheese that can be enjoyed as it is or used as a key ingredient for appetizers, sweets, and main courses. Making ricotta is surprisingly easy, and fresh ricotta adds a special, amazing element to many dishes. 

Class Description: If you love fresh cheese but think you could never make it yourself, this easy cheese-making process will change your mind! This is a demonstration class, that results in a variety of cheeses from one recipe. 

What To Expect: Great cooking isn’t all about the recipe—it’s also about technique. I’ll introduce you to the easy method of cheese making and how to use this cheese in a variety of ways and in a variety of recipes.

  • It only takes about one hour to make the cheese. Class is about two hours for instruction and Q&A 
  • Classes are limited to 8 students
  • You may be standing to observe or assist some of the class
  • There will be generous taste testing 
  • Recipe packet provided

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August 17, 2019  11:00 am to 1:00 pm………. $30.00 

Italian Sausage – It’s easier than you think & much tastier too!

Make your own Italian sausage, mild or hot, your choice. No messy stuffing into casings, we do our own thing. Great for the BBQ too! 

Class Description: This cooking class will demonstrate how to make Italian sausage. During class, we’ll make a recipe or two with this sausage and enjoy taste testing the results. After class, you’ll have the recipes to recreate the sausage and dishes for yourself, family and friends.

What To Expect: All ingredients are provided for this demo class. 

  • Class time is to demo sausage making, cooking, and taste testing
  • Classes are limited to 8 students
  • You may be standing for hands-on experience or assisting some of the class
  • There will be generous taste testing (light lunch)
  • Recipe packet provided

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