Cooking With Agata! World Famous Chef

I’ve been looking forward to today’s experience for the entire trip. It is a highlight for me to learn from a local yet world-famous Sicilian chef Agata Di Fede. Her vibrant personality and enthusiasm for creating masterpieces in the kitchen earned her recognition as a world-class chef. She even has a cookbook published in Japanese!


So we were told we had to work for our supper and work we did! With Italian music playing in the background, we kneaded, danced, and sang our way to making macaroni (in Italian Maccheroni). We decided to make the imperfect style which by the way, was the only version we could make and we did a darn good job of it too!




We sat on the terrace and drank wine while Agata and Antimo cooked the macaroni and put lunch together. What a feast! Agata served the pasta with two sauces, one a traditional Sicilian and one a plain tomato sauce. Both were delicious!

And you’ll never guess where we ended up in the evening. Our last night on the penthouse terrace drinking wine and watching the moon.

Tomorrow we’re flying to Bologna!

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  1. Fantastico!! Loving your photos and I can't decide if the ones of the scrumptious food or the one of Dick with the moon would be my favorite! See you in Bologna xo

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