Corn Star… Salad

Love, love, love this time of year when the corn is at its peak and the sweet flavor bursts in your mouth when you are eating it. Heaven!

In past years we went to a local farm and purchased bushels of corn to freeze for the winter. An amusing story of one of these visits can be found at: Corn Souffle. This year we’re buying our corn in smaller quantities. 

And while corn is one of the celebrities of this recipe, so is tomatoes! This year’s garden produced such a huge crop of green beans that I had to add them in too. Well, and then there is the gorgonzola, a favorite of mine. You probably are aware that Oregon is known for its large hazelnut production, so had to use them too. Tip: be sure to use fresh hazelnuts. I had a jar in my cupboard that went stale and thank goodness I checked before adding them to the salad – that would have ruined it. The squirrels might disagree, I think there’s nothing worse tasting than stale nuts.

I’ve tried out so many tomato recipes over the past two years while researching and creating content for my new tomato cookbook that I have plenty of recipes leftover to share in the blog. And this is one of them. 

Tomatoes marinating in olive oil, balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with a dash of salt and pepper.

Corn and gorgonzola added. (Substitute feta if you are not a fan of gorgonzola cheese.) 

Blanched green beans joined in along with the hazelnuts. 

A slice of crusty bread and a meal is born!

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