Cornering the Markets (Farmer’s) And More…

Each month I gather up tidbits to share and this month it was hard to keep the list down to a reasonable size. Since I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve noticed other blogs doing the same thing on a weekly basis. Since my “staff” consists of my dog and hubby, I just don’t have the time or resources to post these tidbits more than once a month. 

And, here’s another thing. I’ve named these monthly posts everything from Take 5 to Fiddler On The Roof. Is that confusing to you as the reader that these monthly tips and resources are not posted under the same title? Others I’ve seen have a consistent series name like: Friday Faves or A Morning Cup of Joe.

Do you think I should choose a title for these monthly informative posts so you recognize them each month? If so, I’d love to hear from you any suggestions you have on what I should name this monthly post. I appreciate any and all input!

I hope you enjoy these and if you missed the monthly tips in the past, check the end of this post. I have linked most of the prior monthly tips and resource posts for your convenience. 

Let’s start with local Farmer’s Markets.

I love the markets in Italy. It seems like each town, no matter how small, has a market where vendors show up once a week to sell their goods. We have even planned our visits to an area or town around their “market” day. When attending one of these in Italy I do tend to linger around the cheese and meat vendors and usually buy a little something to snack on later. 

Here are a few Farmer’s Market tips and strategies from Amanda at Food52.

So, if you are a market junkie like me, round up your favorite shopping bags and head to your local Farmer’s Market for the featured fare of freshest produce and flowers, along with handcrafted jewelry, pottery, and whatever else your region specializes in. 

What’s your favorite salad dressing?

I have a friend Cheri who has one of the most complete salad dressing collections in her fridge than anyone I know. If you can’t find a flavor you like in her fridge, it doesn’t exist. 

I enjoyed this article on salad dressings and thought you might find it useful. I always thought that Green Goddess was made with avocado but the secret ingredient is anchovy paste — boy was I wrong! 

Check out these 10 salad dressings from The Kitchn

Canned wine? Really? I know, I know, beer and wine have been sold in cans since 1935. And, I wasn’t opposed to drinking wine out of a bota bag back in the day (which was an art to do it without spilling by the way). But there’s just something about drinking a “can” of wine that my brain doesn’t comprehend.  (Hubby’s comments are intentionally omitted here.) 

Here’s Trader Joe’s announcement about this product. 

Hubby found this article about 15 Life-Changing Cooking Secrets You Can Learn From Italians. People of Italian descent may know the bulk of these tips but it is a quick read and there may be a tidbit you didn’t know about. There are also links to recipes you might find interesting, like the chocolate salami – yum!

Being prepared for an emergency is something we should all be thinking about and acting upon. Putting a true emergency kit together can be expensive and time consuming to gather and store all that is needed. I have a good friend who has started emergency kits for her adult children, and adds items each year to build their supply. What a great idea! 

This is a good article on preparing for an emergency in three steps, starting with a plan. This article focuses on preparing for summer storms, hurricanes and tornadoes, but can apply to most any type emergency situation. Common Sense Homesteading Emergency Preparedness.

If you missed the tips and favorite things from past blogs, here are a few of the links: A Little Sage Advice, Fiddler On The Roof, Handy Dandy Tips & Resources, A Little Bit of This, A Few Favorite Things.

And don’t forget to comment on a blog title for this monthly feature. I really do want to hear from you!

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