Crab Cakes To Sooth A Crabby Mood

About month seven or so of the pandemic, my mood could be described as a little crabby some days. Hubby decides that marital distancing is practiced on those days and I must admit he is right, it is certainly helpful to be separated by rooms! After 48 years of marriage, there is such a thing as being “too close” 24 hours a day for 240 or so days. But who is counting? (I am!)

Hubby loves crab so I thought I’d make him a nice dinner to make up for my crabby mood today. I was pleased this recipe went together so nicely but disappointed with the canned crab that I purchased. When we were at the grocery store, I checked out flaked crab at the fish counter and decided not to purchase it right away because it was… wait for it… $35 a pound. Really? Is it unrealistic of me to think that’s just darned expensive? 

I purchased a can of crabmeat located on the aisle where you find tuna (Brand: Bumble Bee Crabmeat which is highly rated).  The crab meat was very wet and fine – not chunked. I may not have picked up the right type, so be sure to read the label for the best crabmeat contents. I think next time I make this, I will try a Trader Joe’s brand for comparison. 

These crab cakes in smaller portions would make a wonderful appetizer for a get together with family and friends, or a smaller dinner dish.

The canned crab meat I purchased was a little harder to form into cakes. Even after adding a few more bread crumbs, they seemed quite loose. 

I dolloped my crab cakes in the melted butter because I could not get them to form into cakes as I wanted. 

Flip to brown on both sides. Crab cakes becoming more firm at this point, pancake-like. 

I paired these crab cakes with Champagne Rice which made a great meal for hubby and me. 

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