Surreptitious Creamy Beany Soup

It’s been an enjoyable adventure adding more soup recipes to the blog during National Soup Month (January) this year. And this recipe in particular is a surreptitious (secretive or sneaky) one. I thought it was the perfect soup to wrap up our soup journey for the month. When you scroll down to the ingredients you understand why. 

1. Because it’s considered a creamy soup, but there is no cream in it.

2. Because there is a lot of garlic in it, but it does not have a garlicly flavor. Honestly you will not be overwhelmed with garlic. I’m Italian, I know this.

3. Because the fresh rosemary and thyme can overpower the flavor of the soup if left in too long. (Or maybe it’s just that my herb plants are super pungent.) 

That being said, it’s a nice mildly flavored bean soup with a luscious creamy consistency that can satisfy any vegetarian and can stand alone as a meal or pairs well with other foods as a side dish.

I pulled out the rosemary and thyme stems after a few minutes of cooking. 

Soup after it has been emulsified. A cup of beans was removed previously and added back in to add a little chunkiness to the soup. It sure looks like cream was added, but it is the mashed beans and potatoes that create the creamy texture.

Since the soup is so mild, you can garnish it with about anything. Grated cheddar is always good!

If you don’t need or want to keep the soup strictly vegetarian, crumbled pieces of bacon add a little crunch and flavor as a garnish to the soup.

What I realized this month is that I’ve amassed quite a soup collection on the blog. Do I dare organize this collection in a cookbook? [Insert laughing emoji here] :):)

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