Dogs, Horses, & Mr. Darcy – The Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, England

Any fan of Pride & Prejudice, or dogs and horses would love the Chatsworth House in Derbyshire Dales. It is a delightful place to visit. Calling it a house is so understated because it is so much more. I would compare it to the Pitti Palace in Florence, Italy. The estate of Chatsworth was acquired by the Cavendish family in 1549. Now that’s holding onto a piece of property a bit long, don’t you think?

The estate has been handed down from one Duke to the next and is now owned by the 12th Duke and Duchess. As each Duke took residence, they renovated some part of the house, or added a wing, or changed the staircase from two curved flights of stairs to one grand staircase. You have to wonder what Duchess was pointing the fingers of change. 

There was a huge dog exhibition going on during our visit. Click on the highlighted links DOGS for more information and really good photos of the dogs and mansion. Several of my dog lover friends would be giddy walking up and down the halls of this mansion with dog sculptures and pictures everywhere that were brought in for this special event. Visitors to Chatsworth House brought their dogs along too so it is very a dog-friendly property. 


The library in this house is massive. I think I heard the volunteer tell us there were 30,000 books that were cleaned page by page (yes I said page by page) every year. I told hubby not to complain about spring cleaning or we might start cleaning like they do at Chatsworth house. I can see our books being donated to the rec center before that happens. 

We ate lunch in a courtyard area that used to be the stables. There is also a gift shop in that courtyard that Gill and I had to pop into. I just happened to find an apron to add to my collection.

The dining room in the estate could seat 40 people. Now that’s my kind of table minus the chandelier.

And the property had the biggest greenhouse I’ve ever seen.

Part of the garden tour included a maze. Well, as you can tell by who is missing in the picture who got lost and didn’t make it to the middle. (Dick’s not in the picture because he was looking for me.) I kept finding a different way out but never found the way to the middle.

Secretly, while everyone was in the maze I was looking for Mr. Darcy. You know, that the 2005 film version of Pride and Prejudice, used the stunning Chatsworth House in Derbyshire for exterior and interiors for Mr. Darcy’s swanky mansion at Pemberly. 

If you are ever in Devonshire, I would highly recommend visiting Chatsworth House. It is well worth your time and entrance fee for the house and gardens. And they have great gift shops too!

Our group heading for home after a full day. 

Here’s some of the beautiful countryside.



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