Easy Cheesy Skillet Enchilada With or Without Chicken

As I have cautiously re-entered the kitchen to take on more cooking (after knee surgery), I’ve been trying to make dishes that require little effort since my tolerance for standing for long periods of time is still limited. This recipe seemed to fit that requirement. It’s more or less of a “mix ingredients together recipe” and warm-up.  

The ingredients are simple, using pantry staples, a few vegetables, and spices. And it uses leftover chicken so bonus! Or leave the chicken out to keep the meal strictly vegetarian. 

I had a little leftover refried pinto beans which I also added. Any canned bean will work nicely so choose your favorite.

This version includes a jar of my homemade corn salsa but you can use store-bought or regular salsa and canned or frozen corn. The recipe is quite versatile and easy to swap ingredients to fit your needs.  


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