End of Summer Veggie Stir Fry

The summer is fading into fall and the vegetable garden is finishing one more season. It’s sad to think all that fresh goodness will go away once fall takes hold and the weather dramatically changes. However, for now, we can salvage what’s left of the veggies from summer and create a fabulous side dish.

This recipe came about because I was auditioning recipes for my tomato cookbook (publish date early 2021). This recipe isn’t making it into the cookbook (because of duplication with similar recipes in the book, not for lack of flavor) I thought I’d share it here in the blog. 

Several of the ingredients in this recipe come straight out of our garden – green beans, tomatoes, garlic, shallots, and zucchini. Even if you don’t have a garden, these ingredients are readily available at most stores or farmer’s markets. Since I had an abundance of these veggies sitting on my kitchen counter I was trying to figure out how to use them.

So I poured myself a glass of wine and pondered. I’ve found wine always helps when pondering. Here’s what I came up with.

(I apologize there are not a lot of “before” or step-by-step photos of this dish. First, there’s hardly a need when this recipe is just a cut and cook one. Second, I don’t usually take a lot of in-depth step-by-step pictures for the cookbook since I typically only use a “finished product” photo. And third – there has to be a third in a series right? Well, third, I had already drunk a glass of wine while pondering. Excuse enough I’d say.)

Veggies sauteing together for just a bit.

And we’re done – topped with walnut pesto.

I liked the walnut pesto but I think I prefer a pine nut pesto (just my personal taste). What I did enjoy was pounding the walnuts with my rolling pin that I purchased in Sicily some years ago. Best nut smasher ever!


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