Fill Your Cookie Jar With Zucchini Breakfast Cookies

First of all, does anyone have a cookie jar these days? It surely was a “thing” way back when I was growing up. Some people even had cookie jar collections, and some still do (you know who you are Virginia). You never had to worry about cookies going stale in the cookie jar because they were never in the jar long enough. Fast hands and nimble fingers made sure of that!

While consulting my zucchini cookbook (From Vine to Table: The Unexpected Joy of Zucchini’s Magic) for the recipe, I realized I had not included it. I had many recipes that did not make it into the book because of space and layout. So I’m sharing it with you now to enjoy it.

You could put just about any ingredients into a cookie shape and satisfy me. I don’t know what it is about cookies that have me so in love with them. The size, the shape, the portability? I’ll just live with the mystery at this point and enjoy my cookies.

Just a quick note, when I finished baking these breakfast cookies about mid-afternoon, hubby asked for a taste. Of course, I could not deny him a cookie, or two. I did mention to him that these are breakfast cookies, with a lot of oatmeal and applesauce and honey – good stuff to help you start out your day. They are big and dense and filling. His response, “does that mean I can’t eat them for dessert after dinner?” 

Now because there is no refined sugar in these cookies (only applesauce and honey as sweeteners) they may not be as sweet as you like your cookies. I put in one-third cup honey and they were okay for me, but hubby thought they weren’t quite sweet enough. For breakfast, that’s probably a good thing. Most people don’t want a “sugary sweet” cookie in the morning. So if you are making these cookies and want them a little bit sweeter, add a little more honey, or frost them with fruit juice and powdered sugar. 

Cookies hot out of the oven. 


Enjoy these zucchini cookies any time of day including breakfast!!

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