Flashback Friday

Walking through shopping malls can wake up our sense of smell. The deep aroma of coffee, or perhaps a charred hamburger scent reaches you as you pass by the food court. Even in a retail store, perfumes are piped in at intervals enhancing the perception, emotion and connection with the store.

Studies have shown that “Our sense of smell is directly connected to the part of the brain responsible for memory and emotion.” That being said, I’m going to flash back to the best cinnamon rolls ever. Well, at least my memory tells me so. 

I made these several years ago and recently one of our bonus grands asked for them. So I just had to make them again. The full blog with the recipe can be found at CINNAMON ROLLS

A few pictures from today’s baking experience. 


Hope you enjoyed going back through my memory of making cinnamon rolls. They were just as good, maybe better, when I made them again.

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