Flashback Friday – Happy Holidays!


The holidays are here, and being celebrated in households across the country and throughout the world. So instead of posting a recipe that no one has time to try a few days before Christmas, here are a few links to prior posts with recipes that are useful this time of year.

Appetizers and Small Bites


A quick pizza to put together – uses naan bread as a base. Pizza Appetizers

Hummus is always a favorite in our home. Chickpeas and cannellini beans make this hummus especially tasty! Hummus


A bowl of nuts are easy to put together for unexpected guests or for general munching. Check out these nut combinations. Nuts


Chickpeas have more uses than just hummus or Mediterranean dishes. You’ll want these snacks around all year! Bean Snacks


Cheese balls are fun and easy to make. Several flavors appeal to all your family and friends.  Cheese Balls




These mini cannoli are quick and easy to make – a bonus around holiday time.  Cannoli

Light cookies like these balance out the heavily frosted, sugar laden cookies that show up at holiday time.  Pizzelles

Ricotta cheese lightens up these cookies and adds a wonderful flavor. And the limoncello frosting (optional) adds a twist to the cookies too! Ricotta Cookies




Check out these cocktails for your next party. Hubby’s famous Bloody Mary mix is included in the list. Holiday Cocktails

I just have to add limoncello drink recipes like limoncello martinis. You can thank me later. Limoncello

And what you may need after all the merriment of food and drink….

Two different liqueurs made from fennel. Italians serve it as a digestif at the end of a meal. Yummy anytime! Fennel Digestif

I hope the holidays fill your home with good friends, fun, and good food!

Recipes resume January 2018.

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