Flipping Out For These Pancakes

I was reading a newsletter that is delivered daily into my newsfeed and found an interesting article about a food truck that specializes in healthy gourmet pancakes. What a concept! This food truck moves around in the Shasta County area and from the food photos I saw, I knew I had to stop by and try one of these delectable pancakes. The detailed article can be found at: Flip out at Shasta County’s pancake food truck.

It just so happened we were planning a trip through this area of California and had an opportunity to check out what everybody was flipping over.  We found it just a short distance off the freeway. 

I enjoyed the morning glory pancakes with sugared walnuts. Very tasty!

Hubby had the blueberry pancakes with a bacon side. Delish!

Here’s Alastair, the owner of Vida Pancake Truck, a genuinely nice fellow from Yorkshire England. You can find him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or check out his website at vida pancakes for his great pancake mix (regular and gluten free) and learn more about his food truck at vidatruck.com.

Alastair moved to Los Angeles in 1996 from England. His mission: to help vulnerable youth.  Alastair shared, “Vida is Spanish for ‘life, that’s the message of the whole company, in a word.” 

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