Food Frenzy With Fritters

Ah the all popular fritters! Sweet or savory versions, all are good in my book. I was wondering how the word fritter came to be. Here are a few comments from internet resources:

According to Wikipedia, “A fritter is a portion of dough, meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables or other ingredients which have been battered or breaded and fried. Fritters are prepared in both sweet and savory varieties.”

Culinary Lore says, the word “Fritter derives from the Late Latin frictura, meaning “a fry.” Frictura, in turn, derived from the Latin verb frigere which meant “to fry” or “to roast.” 

So batter and fry it is!

As I was hunting around for ingredients for these fritters, I remembered that I created a zucchini corn fritter that is featured in my cookbook “From Vine to Table: The Unexpected Joy of Zucchini’s Magic.” Today I’m making just a zucchini fritter version, different from the cookbook recipe. An alternate fritter recipe to use with your bumper crop of zucchini. 

Next week I’ll be making apple fritters from our harvest of apples, so stay tuned for the sweet version!

Eat these plain, hot out of the frypan or dip in a sauce. I typically use a pasta sauce dip.

These fritters make great appetizers too! Just fry smaller portions of the batter to make appetizer sized-fritters (instead of pancake size). 

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