Hawaii Here We Come!



Okay, so we are probably the last people we know our age that has not been to Hawaii. Even though we’ve traveled a lot over the years we never made it to the Islands. Well, it was about time!

We spent most of our time in Kona. The sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking. 

Our condo faced the ocean with only lava rocks separating us from the water. When the tide came in, the water would crash against the rocks right in front of our condo and shoot up quite a spray. I wasn’t fast enough to capture the best shots but you can get the idea of the dramatic effect.

A walk through old town Kona led to us finding very good bloody marys and the best calamari fish sandwich any of us had ever tasted at the Kona Inn Restaurant. The calamari was pounded thin like abalone and lightly seasoned. I’ll have to try that with calamari steaks one day.

Further on in our walk, we saw these colorful birds waiting to have their pictures taken. We obliged. 

Dinner at Sam Choy’s one evening proved to be a good choice. Kona Orange Duck was excellent, as was the calamari Pupus. Okay, are you as confused by the word “Pupus” as I am? All the menus used this term, which is a noun in Polynesian-Hawaiian Cookery meaning “any hot or cold usually bite-size appetizer, often served in a varied assortment.” The food was so good I couldn’t get a pic of it before a few bites were missing. 

Beautiful scenery, tasty drinks, and great food shared with good friends – awesome times in Hawaii.

End of Part One

Check blog for Parts Two and Three


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