Hueveos Ranchero Gringo Style

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One of our favorite breakfast places was called Sanborn’s in Portland, Oregon. It closed at the beginning of the pandemic restrictions and sadly will not be re-opening. The breakfasts we ate there were fabulous! They were well-known for their corned beef hash (hubby’s favorite). Their variety of German puff pancakes made choosing just one almost impossible. And their Hueveos Rancheros were one of my favorites, among the many menu items. 

So it’s been almost a year since we’ve stepped into a restaurant for any meal. Even I’m getting tired of my cooking. 🙂

However, cooking does soothe my soul so I decided to try to recreate one of my favorite breakfasts from Sanborn’s, Hueveros Rancheros. This turned out nothing like the Sanborn’s original, but while I was cooking this breakfast, it made me happy to think about the restaurant, the owners we had come to know, the wait staff we enjoyed seeing on our visits, and the food!

Sautéed green onions to garnish the egg dish. 

Warmed tortillas, refried beans and a sprinkle of cheese are the base for this egg dish.

Layer with another tortilla, eggs, a bit more cheese and the green onions.

I like mine served with chopped tomatoes. Oh so good!!

It’s sad to think we’ll never eat breakfast at Sanborn’s again, but it did lift my spirits to reflect, remember good times, and enjoy these Hueveos Rancheros, even for a short time. 

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