Lake Como

In our villa, we were trying to determine what this piece of furniture really is. Is it a mustache? Is it a coffee table? Is it a chair? Who will be the first to figure it out? After goofing around, we are caffeinated with espressos  (tea for Rita) and ready to start our day.


Is it possible that we can have two beautiful days on one of the most famous lakes in Italy? While it was not as bright and sunny today, rain did cross our path a few times, it was a wonderful day at Lake Como. 

Picture of the lake – odd that it is split down in the middle – not what you might think as the layout of this lake. Today we are at the very bottom left of the lake. Yesterday when we were in Bellagio we were at the split area of the lake.


We took the funicolare up the mountain – w-a-a-a-y up the mountain to get a birds-eye view of the city. Wow!

This was better than any ride at Disneyland! You can see how far up the mountain we went. Thank goodness, I did not want to walk that trail! Breathtaking scenery – literally. 

Another view from above. Okay, now we’ve worked up an appetite so we find a place for lunch. Acqua Ciara was recommended to us by a local and we go for it. I wish I could tell you the names of the dishes we ate but I didn’t get a picture of the menu and their website didn’t translate well. So hopefully the pictures will tell the story. 

Wine and more wine made the meal even more delightful. Photo with owners & chef – with our group. 

The rain that had poured just minutes earlier had ceased so we left thinking we could get in a little more sightseeing. We walked up to the Volta lighthouse from the restaurant (by this time Patrick had informed us we had walked over 13,000 steps!) Volta is known for his invention of the electrical cell for batteries. One Aussie asked if the lighthouse ran on batteries. LOL. 


We were pretty much walked out by now, so we took the funiculare back down to the town and decided to find a bar (cafe) to get a cappuccino – grave Italian error – Italians never drink cappuccinos in the afternoon but it was cold and rainy and we needed it! Some had chocolate drinks that were more like chocolate pudding – eeks!

After the boost of caffeine, we decided to continue walking around. We tried visiting the Volta museum but it was closed for maintenance so we walked out to the exhibit which is also a Volta inspired sculpture. This is supposed to be the inner workings of a lightbulb. 

Five plus miles of walking later we say goodbye Lake Como!

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