Let’s Start With Dessert – French Kouign Amann Pastry

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To kick off a month of French cooking, I decided to start with dessert. And why not. Everyone knows that French desserts and pastries are over-the-top delicious. And after 2020, we deserve a special treat!

The name Kouign Amann comes from the Breton language words for cake (kouign) and butter (Amann). This French pastry originated from Brittany, a region in France known for its butter. And these rolls are slathered, did I say slathered? with butter! There was so much butter in the recipes I found, I decided to dial back the amount of butter I used for my recipe. And believe me, it tastes delicious despite a little less butter! 

The butter and sugar in this croissant-like dough glaze together for a caramelized crust. It’s a popular French breakfast treat.

The tedious part of this recipe is the rolling, folding, and cooling, and rolling, folding, and cooling of the dough. The purpose is to create layers and distribute the butter throughout the layers. Oh yeah! This recipe does take time between the rolling and cooling, so make sure you have dedicated enough time in the kitchen to get through the process. I chose to put on a French-themed movie to watch while I was in the kitchen making these.

These steps of rolling, folding, and cooling are repeated several times. 

The four corners in this traditional French Kouign Amann are usually gathered together to create a roll or muffin-like appearance. I chose to leave the four corners open.

You just can’t get enough of this delicious goodness in photos or taste! Eat as an after-dinner delight as a dessert or munch on one for a breakfast treat. 

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