Loose As A Goose in East Aurora

There is an abundance of geese in Niagara Falls, some hanging around eating grass and others flying in formation to head south. 

I learned that geese from Canada are not called Canadian geese, they are referred to as Canada geese. Just in case you want to know: “The official name for any bird is its Latin name. … The Latin name is the same around the world for that bird. So at one point in time, the Branta canadensis was called a Canada Goose because it was often seen flying towards Canada and living there. [source: languagehat.com/canadian-geese/] 

East Aurora was our destination today. They are famous for a 5 & 10 cent store, the likes of which I’ve never seen.

The store is so large I couldn’t capture it in one photo. There are several levels to the store and it has everything imaginable in it for sale. Definitely a shopping wonderland! I could have spent the whole day just wandering around but hubby kept encouraging me to exit before I accumulated too many goodies to bring home. 

After all that shopping we were a bit parched and had to look for a place to enjoy a little refreshment. Mambrino King Wine Bar & Cafe was a perfect choice. Check out this bit of history: “In 19th century East Aurora Mambrino King, the Hamdsomest horse in the world turned curiosity into community. Legend says he towered over even the tallest men on Main Street. While history books point to him as the father behind a bloodline of record-breaking American racing horses.

Trotting into town from near and afar—thousands gathered to witness this unbelievably bred beauty. Even luring the eyes of prominent socialites and French Officers alike. But amidst his alluring appearance and legacy for championship breeding—one thing was clear: Mambrino had a gift for bringing people together. In this spirit, 149 years later: the Mambrino King Wine Bar & Cafe invites friends (near and afar) to join them in carrying on the legacy of the great Mambrino King.” [source: https://mambrinoking.com/]

It’s apple season throughout the country and this area of New York is abundant with apple farms and roadside stands. On the way back to Niagara Falls we stopped at Mayer Bros Cider Mill to pick up a pie and apple cider doughnuts. There was a line out the door when we arrived but it was worth the wait.  I’d show you a photo of how beautiful the pie and doughnuts were, but we ate them. 🙂 Delicious!

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