Mama Mia, That’s A Great Pasta Primavera

Primavera is the Italian word for spring. But it doesn’t have to be spring to make this delightful pasta and vegetable dish. According to “…Many people think it’s an Italian dish but it’s actually an American dish which was created by chef Sirio Maccioni and two assisting chefs.” They created this classic pasta dish in the 1970s at Le Cirque, a popular New York City restaurant, and it is still a popular pasta dish today!

An odd day with a few hours of rain led me to this feast. This recipe consists of warm penne combined with sauteed vegetables and parmesan. A flavorful pasta dish ready in a flash and packed with fresh, healthy veggies.

And truly you can use any vegetables to make this meal. I happen to have zucchini from the garden on hand (duh!), as well as green beans, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and peppers. So I threw them into a skillet with penne pasta and voila! It was dinner. (No sauce needed.)

As the tomatoes break down during cooking, they create saucy goodness that covers the pasta and other vegetables. 


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