No Cooking Today – Although Knives Will Be Used

Knives are an important instrument in cooking. Chefs travel with their knives and are inseparable like a baby and his favorite blanket. Huffington Post has a good post on The Single Most Important Kitchen Tool, featuring the choosing, caring, cleaning, sharpening, and storing of knives.

In a lifetime of cooking, I’ve gone through a number of knives, name brand and economy models. Gunter Wilheim is the winner at this time. 

The knives I use most often are a paring knife, utility knife and a chef’s knife. I have several others in the Gunter Wilheim line like the vegetable cleaver, but the paring and chef knives are my favorites. 

Here’s a short article on checking the sharpness of your knives Testing Knife Sharpness. We’ve been using this style sharper for years and it seems to work well. 

A classic cutting technique can be viewed in this video from Chris Consentino’s chef’s knife demonstration. I’m still working on perfecting my cutting/chopping skills. Well, at least I still have all my finger tips, so that’s something. 

There will be no chopping, or cooking going on in my kitchen tonight. I’m checking into the hospital this morning for an intense back surgery. Scalpels are a version of knives right? Well, a cutting instrument anyway. If all goes well, I’ll be on the road to a more stable back and less pain. 

While I’ll be out of the kitchen for a while, I’ve scheduled blogs to cover the time I’m recovering, and there may be an amusing story or two in between. I’ll be on pain meds for a short time, and that could inspire creative tales of another kind (did I just see a yellow submarine?) 😉

Wish me luck!


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