Not So Classic Biscotti With Almonds & Brandy

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Now before you think these biscotti are liquored up, let me set you straight. Yes, they do have brandy in them. No, you don’t have to worry about passing a drunk driving test if you eat one. The brandy just adds a little extra flavor.

My nonna used to make these cookies with brandy. I think it was her excuse to get the brandy out of the cupboard during the day, and then she could add a bit to her coffee. She would tell me adding brandy to her coffee helped to get her heart started. I guess she thought I would be okay with that explanation. And I’m not sure just how sober nonna was after making these biscotti. It seems like more brandy went into her coffee than the cookies. But these observations are from my memory as a kid… 🙂

A biscotti recipe that is totally different from this one is Anna’s Biscotti. I learned how to make Anna’s version while visiting her in Italy and have made them here in the U.S. since. They are a totally different type of cookie, yet equally as great tasting. If you want to know more about how biscotti got its name check out the post about Anna’s Biscotti

Another of my favorite biscotti is Nanna’s Best Biscotti made by my friend Joanne. Her biscotti are made from a closely-held secret family recipe. Once I tasted them I was hooked! I love her tagline “Biscotti made with love for special occasions. Everyday is a special occasion.” If you don’t want to make your own, Nanna’s is the next best biscotti! Contact Joanne to purchase at Nanna’s Best Biscotti.  

With Easter and spring holidays coming up, these Brandy & Almond Biscotti make great homemade gifts wrapped up in colorful tissue and ribbon. Lucky for you, I’m sharing my nonna’s recipe. And no, I haven’t been sipping my coffee with brandy added… yet. 

Use whole almonds with skin. Toast the almonds to bring out their fragrance and flavor.

Dough made and resting. I put it in the fridge for about 15 minutes before baking.

Logs made from the dough. These logs are more rustic than I usually make.

Baked once, then sliced into cookies and placed on the cookie sheet to bake again.

The toasted almonds lend a slightly deeper, smoky almond flavor to the biscotti. 


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