On The Road Again… To The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast has a beauty of its own. Roughly 235 miles of the coastline is home to rugged seaside cliffs, sandy beaches, unique rock formations, and lush vegetation. That’s where we are headed this week. 

Our destination at the Oregon Coast (Pacific City) is only an hour and a half from our home. We decided to make it an enjoyable journey by stopping at one of our favorite wineries J. Wrigley Vineyards along the way. 

The view is spectacular from the tasting room located on top of the hill. Even though there was a misty rain coming down, we enjoyed the delicious wines J. Wrigley is known for. Definitely a highlight on our journey to the coast. 

It’s always a good sign when a rainbow appears in the midst of a journey.

After wine tasting, we headed to Lincoln City for an early dinner. The beauty of the Oregon Coast layout before us as we dined.

Wined and dined at this point of our journey, we drove up the coast on the 101 Hwy to our final destination, Pacific City. The spectacular views from the VRBO are beyond words. A day at the beach walking along the shoreline.

We settled in for the night, pups and humans enjoying the fireplace, comfy home, and maybe just a little more wine before retiring to bed. 


And to all a good night!

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