On The Road Again – California Here We Come!

It’s June, the month of celebrations! Weddings, graduations, birthdays, you name it, it’s on the calendar this month. School children are counting down the days to the end of the classes and the rest of the population is panicked that all these school children will be infiltrating our lives for three months this summer. So that’s why we decided to take a road trip! Before the munchkins got out of school and the hotels and restaurants were overrun with weddings and graduations.

We packed our bags and headed to California from the Portland Oregon area. We decided to take it easy and stop in Ashland the first day. While hubby is driving I’m looking up wineries. As I’ve said before Oregon has more wineries than we have time left on earth to visit. But we are doing our best to check off a few here and there. 

Today’s destination is Weisinger Family Winery. What I liked about their website is that it tells you which offramp from the freeway to take whether you are headed north or south. We happened to be headed south, and it became a game to count off the exits as we neared the one we wanted.

The conversation in the car was something like, “Only 14 more exits to go before wine tasting… Only 12 more exits to go before wine tasting… Only 8 more exits to go before wine tasting.” Well you get the idea. 

We had a thoroughly enjoyable time tasting wine, and meeting a few members who were at the bar tasting as well. The staff was very friendly and added to the ambiance of the lovely tasting room with panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys. 

We purchased a few bottles and headed to a local sandwich shop for lunch. Sammich was highly recommended by the locals so we tried it.

We studied the food board (picture of partial food board below) and picked our lunch favorites. We found out there is a location in Portland too – score!

I had the Melanzane sandwich. OMG good!

We’ve eaten, we’ve drank wine, it was time to check into the hotel and take a nap! 

Plays are in full swing in Ashland and as luck would have it, we scored tickets to a play 20 minutes before it started. We jumped in the car and headed into town and slipped into our seats before “Mamma Mia” started. What an impressive show! The acting, the singing, the choreography. A job well done by all! A perfect ending to our day.

Ashland Oregon is a delightful town to visit. We’re glad we stopped on our way to California. 

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