Orange Crostata To Cure The Winter Blues

There’s a lot of winter blues going on about this time of year. On the west coast, we don’t have quite the long and cold winters as the east coast, but we look forward to spring and summer nonetheless. 

Why not bring a little sunshine into the kitchen with an orange crostata?

Oranges are in season and they brighten up a meal with their flavor and color. I do miss the orange trees I had when we lived in California. I remember when we moved to Oregon in January 2006, we picked as many oranges from our trees as we could eat on the trip, knowing that would be the last we’d enjoy of our homegrown oranges.

I love blood oranges, but I wasn’t able to find any at our local stores when I made this recipe in February, so I used Cara Cara oranges instead which have pinker meat to them than a naval orange and a delightfully delicious flavor. 

The recipe also needs ricotta cheese. I substituted my homemade ricotta for store-bought ricotta, but using your favorite brand of ricotta will work just as well, even mascarpone cheese can be used in place of ricotta.

Last, but not least, a pie crust is a base for this crostata. I included “made from scratch” pie crust ingredients and instructions, although I cheated and used a store-bought pre-made crust. 

I really like this recipe. Three main ingredients: ricotta, oranges, pie crust along with a bit of sugar, and almond extract go together quickly and result in a tasty pie. Impressive looking for a light dessert that’s great for any occasion. 


This orange ricotta crostata sure brightened up a winter day!

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