Pancake or Cookie? It Can Be Both!

It was about a year ago that we traveled to California for visits to friends and family up and down the state of California, from San Diego to San Francisco. During that trip, we happened upon a fabulous pancake food truck in Shasta County. You can read about our visit to Vida Gourmet Pancakes

We brought home a package of the Vida Pancake Mix to try at home. One day I was conflicted as to what I wanted to make, pancakes, or cookies. Blurring the lines of cooking/baking, I decided to try combining both to satisfy my cravings. I imagine you are thinking I’ve gone one toke over the line with this recipe, but I thought it was quite sensible.

I started out with pancake ingredients and added cookie ingredients… results pancake cookies. Don’t knock them until you try them. Here’s the thing, if you like sweet pancakes at breakfast, these are perfect to douse in syrup and call them breakfast. And if you like cookies, having these sweet bites on hand is a great snack by themselves or dessert served with whipped cream or ice cream. They freeze nicely by the way. 

We really like Alastair’s (the owner of Vida Pancake Truck) mix. You can buy it online at

I put mini chocolate chips in these for the “cookie” ingredient.

The recipe makes a lot of mini pancake/cookies. Great for kids too!

Cook longer than a normal pancake if you want more of a cookie crunch to the outside. 

If you don’t have a favorite pancake mix, here is a link to my hubby’s famous pancake mix that he uses for pancakes and waffles.  Pancakes. His recipe is so well-liked that one of the littles asked for the recipe to make with her mini-waffle maker. 

To make the cookie pancakes, just add your favorite cookie ingredients. I added mini chocolate chips. 

And if you want to take this idea one step further, here’s a recipe for cereal pancakes. Novel idea although to me it would be tedious to make mini-mini pancakes for this purpose. Check it out Cereal Pancakes

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