POTZ! Potato, Onion, Tomato, & Zucchini

My friend Tonya Russo Hamilton shared her family’s recipe of Potato, Tomato & Onion Salad with me recently and I loved it so much, I had to create a “hot” version of it. Well, that would make it a side dish or vegetarian meal rather than a salad, but go with me on this… I took the ingredients in Tonya’s salad, added zucchini, and baked it in the oven. Oh so good!

The biggest task in creating this recipe is slicing all the ingredients. I used a food mandolin which made the slicing easy, but if you don’t have a mandolin, evenly sliced vegetables is the goal and can be done with a sharp knife and a steady hand. [Caution: if you sip wine while cooking, drink the wine after slicing step… she says from experience.]

Speaking of drinking wine (was I?), I watched a French movie the other day and a woman was feeling guilty for drinking wine before noon. Her friend reassured her that she was drinking “breakfast” wine. Well, that put a whole new light on wine for me. I’m now anxious to visit our wine cellar and add labels to what is considered breakfast wine! Although I wonder how I can add that “tag” to the Cellar Tracker app where we track our wine inventory.

I love this app in so many ways. Not only does it keep track of your wine bottles, varieties, pairings, drink by dates, and wine points, it gives you a variety of choices to pick from when eliminating a bottle from your inventory. A few of my favorite choices: consumed by a family member (that’s usually the case), dropped (but no one will admit to it), missing & presumed drunk (how did that happen? haha), or used for cooking (okay this one I will admit to once in a while). 

For this recipe, I added just a splash of white wine to the ingredients before putting the dish in the oven. The original salad recipe calls for wine vinegar to be added and I thought, well, why not add wine instead to the “hot” version? And so I did. This makes a hardy vegetarian meal. I paired this side dish with a pork loin and it was a perfect complement to the meal!

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