2015 – Goodbye England – Hello Italy

Have to shout out to Gill, thanks for the wonderful trip around England. She is the hostess with the mostest!! Truly enjoyed our visit – England is a fascinating country. So we are on our way to the airport at o’dark hundred. I thought it was foggy, but by English terms it was misty. As we drove along, I thought the fog was getting thicker, but Gill assured me it was just heavier mist. Then It actually got so foggy you could barely see the road. Gill did an impressive job of getting us to the airport and her parting words were, you have 2 hours for it to clear. I was worried we wouldn’t take off, but we did, albeit it a little late.

We ate breakfast in the airport at a restaurant named after Lady Godiva (her estate is just down the road according to the notes on the menu). Dick was hoping for a “ride by” but of course she is long gone — maybe he was thinking of Lady Gaga? Well have to say we are very impressed with these German airlines. I think I commented earlier on Condor and todaywe took German Wings, very nice as well. We somehow got in first class – such as it is on a small airplane, and it had loads of leg room.

Throughout this trip the only thing that has not synced is my FitBit. It is still on west coast time and I keep missing the steps for the day. By the time I think to look, it has reverted to 0 because it is clocking me in the Pacific Time zone. Oh well, I’ll catch up with it when we return from our trip.

We arrive in Bari and check into our BNB. Giuseppe, our host, is just delightful. It was exciting to be here and bonus, we had a portion of an apartment that was very nice. Just as described! After reading the instructions for check in and check out, we noticed it was “flexible” so check in time is flexible as is check out. We’re not sure what time “flexible” is. You gotta love Italy.

After attempts to communicate with my cousin Franco – he speaks no English, my Italian is rustic at best – we figured out he was unavailable today but will see us tomorrow,which left us on our own tonight. The last time I visited Bari was about 10 years ago so it was a challenge to get acliminated to where we were in relation to old town, Saint Nicola Church, etc. (Gosh I have a hard time remembering what I wore yesterday,let alone where I’d been 10 years ago – so why am I surprised I needed a bit to get oriented?)

We walked towards old town wandered down a few streets and found a beautiful piazza with lots of restaurants. We saw a little grocery market (really a small closet size open to the street) with fresh fruits and vegetables. I’m certain locals only shopped there. I spotted figs sitting in a small bowl and asked to purchase some. For 4 figs it cost less than 1 euro. Before we left Oregon, figs were going for $1 each in the market. I ate two on the way to dinner. LOL.

We found a pizzeria that was open early (before 8:00 pm)and sat down to have a glass of wine and think about dinner. We had the perfect setting, sitting outside on a sultry evening and watching people go by. Because we were speaking mostly English (try as we might to practice our Italian), an English gentlemen who was traveling alone stopped by our table to chat for a few minutes. The local police stopped by the Gelateria next door and had their mid-evening gelato. You just can’t get this ambiance in our town. So 1 bottle of wine later, 2 pizzas and a portion of Tiramisu — we were done for the night and it only cost us 28 euro. Gads what a deal!

Our room at the BNB. It is part of an apartment that comes with a kitchen, little dining area, bathroom and someone else staying in the room next to us. Odd, but okay. The owners said they decided to rent out their apartment and are living in another section of the building.


Our first pizza in Italy. Extra thin crust pizza. It was delicious – we could have shared one pizza but Dick wanted his own toppings and didn’t want mine with anchovies, capers, artichokes, mushrooms and whatever else. He had a sausage and cheese, and the kicker was that one of the cheeses was gorgonzola melted in with the mozzarella. He said it was really tasty – not a combo I would have thought to make. 

Gelato where the policed their break. We’re hitting this place up on our way home from our Bari tour tomorrow!

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