2015 – Last Day in England

Before we left Cornwall we had to have a pasty (click link for correct pronunciation) Cornwall is famous for these meat and potato pies. We bought some still warm from the oven to take on our journey back to Stroud. About halfway back, we got off the motorway and stopped at a car park, bought a tea and ate our pasties. They were still warm actually because when we picked them up at the shop the woman had just made them and hadn’t even put them in the case yet. It was quite good. Gill said they make them with raw ingredients and everything cooks inside the pastry.

Okay all you golfers back in Oregon at the Tukwila Golf course, this you will not believe. If you think the ducks are a bother on the course, let me tell you about the cows. You see, on the common land, people can let their cows run amuck and many of them love to hang around the golf course. I wasn’t quick enough to get the golfer teeing off and I hope missing the cow in the fairway ahead. It was a funny site to see.

The evening ended with dinner in a pub known for it’s beers. One of Gill’s and Dolly’s friends took Dick up to the bar area and gave him the whole story of hops, beers, and I don’t know what else. He had a beer tasting going on and finally returned to our dinner table so we could order dinner. These chaps are more than happy to share what they know with anyone. They had hops vines hanging on the ceiling and Dick didn’t get a word in edgewise to tell them we have them in Oregon, but oh well, they had such a grand time, I think he wanted to let them feel special.

Note to self: Do not read a book about a plane crash right before you are about to get on a plane. Reading “Mayday” by Nelson DeMille. Really good book though.

Gill figured out our route to the airport for tomorrow. If you don’t hear from us for a few days, we’ve gone astray or can’t find WiFi. We’re off at o’dark thirty in the morning for Bari, Italy.

Our last dinner in Stroud with Gill

Cornish pastyshop – as you can see the pasties were not in the window just the sweets which looked wonderful – but we skipped them

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