Soupe au Pistou Or Pesto

I just love a good vegetable soup. And I make vegetable soup in every season because you can eat it hot or cold. Yes you can! One of my favorite blogs (Food52) posted one of their Genius Recipes “Soupe au Pistou” by Jody Williams recently.  I looked at the recipe and remembered making a similar vegetable soup about three years ago after I finished reading the book “The Little Paris Bookshop”. Here is a link to that post and recipe: PISTOU TO YOU.

Pistou (to me) is just pesto. According to Wikipedia, “The key difference between pistou and pesto is the absence of pine nuts in pistou.” Okay, I can agree with that, moving on. 

The Food52 blog post goes on to talk about this soup being so versatile and adaptable – using whatever vegetables you have on hand or in the fridge. This time of year, for me, and perhaps for you, it’s using the vegetables that I have in the garden or abundant in the market. 

This soup includes hubby’s pride and joy, Scarlet Runner Beans that he grows every year. Also garlic, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, peas, and peppers from our garden, my homemade tomato paste, thyme, basil, and oregano. Whew! So the soup is almost free to make for us, except for all the money we invested in plants/seeds, good soil, watering, and fertilizing. (haha)

So while the fires were burning near us (early September 2020), emergency evacuations taking place, and smoke thicker than San Francisco fog all around us, I made vegetable soup. It soothed my soul and resulted in a nice meal that fed us for several nights. And it made enough in case anyone else needed/wanted some during this crisis. Freezes nicely too!

All the veggies except carrots are from our garden. 

Vegetable broth, tomatoes, and wine, blend together to give the soup a wonderfully flavored liquid base. 

And it’s soup! I mixed the pesto into the soup and sprinkled parmesan bread crumbs on top.

For another meal, I added Italian sausage and tomato poppers on top. The tomato poppers recipe is in the new tomato cookbook coming out in 2021. Oh sooo good!


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