Strawberry Fields Forever – Let’s Make Jam!

Should we all break out into song? “Strawberry Fields Forever” Of course the Beatles song doesn’t have anything to do with real strawberry fields, but I’m a gal from the 60’s so songs from that era pop into my head often. I can’t remember what clothes I wore yesterday, but I can remember a song from 50+ years ago!) In fact, Lennon based the song on his childhood memories of playing in the garden of Strawberry Field, a Salvation Army children’s home in Liverpool. So now you know. 

The truth is I do live in an area in the Willamette Valley in Oregon that is surrounded by strawberry fields, so when in season, little roadside stands and larger farmer’s markets have fresh field-picked strawberries in abundance. That doesn’t mean they are cheap to buy, just available and beautifully sweet and yummy. 

I decided to take advantage of buying a flat of freshly-picked strawberries this year. One reason, because I had the time to make jam;  two, it was an outing from being couped up in the house, and three, we had used up all the canned products from last year (pasta sauce and zucchini relish to name a few) and the cupboard was looking bare. But truth be told, I never need an excuse to make jam!

This recipe is for a big batch of jam. I had purchased a flat of strawberries and except for two pint baskets, used it all to make 13 half-pints of jam. 

All ingredients go into the pot and boil up into an amazing strawberry jam.

Jam is a star when used on waffles and combined with fresh strawberries. 

And don’t forget to have some strawberry jam bursting with flavor with homemade biscuits. 

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