Stuffed Sweet Potatoes With A Spicy Surprise

Checked my potato basket and realized a sweet potato was starting to root – uh oh. I have to cook it now before it uses all the luscious potato flesh for root food. What do I have on hand that I could whip up a quick veggie dish with sweet potato? Zucchini of course! (Bet you are not surprised, right?) In case you are wondering, this is the last, last, last zucchini from the garden and it too needed to be cooked. So a twofer! Both scrumptious veggies in one dish. 

As it turns out, this recipe loosely qualifies to be included in the category of comfort food. And that’s what is appealing on a cool fall day. So how should I describe it? Tasty (so overused but true), scrumptious (already used it in this post), pleasant (not enough pizzazz to describe this recipe), enjoyable (yes), decadent (well that would put a whole new meaning to sweet potatoes), or I could just say it is delicious with a hint of spiciness to wake up the taste buds. 

However I describe it, these stuffed sweet potatoes are healthy and fiber-packed! Whether you make it for… a great vegetarian meal or side dish to any meat or chicken dish or tucking the ingredients into tacos, it’s sure to please!

Black beans, zucchini, and onions saute together.

Sweet potato cooked and scooped out.

Ingredients stuffed into potato skins.

Top with plain non-fat Greek yogurt and cilantro.

Ready to eat! (I kind of overdid it with the cilantro – but it was still delicious!)


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